I found a great post and had to share it.

It’s titled Three Big Reasons Why We Procrastinate (And What to Do about Them).

Here’s why I had to share it. I think I procrastinate and I suspect it’s a problem for a lot of other people.


Do you have to open your email? Do you ask what will I miss if I don’t open it?

I opened a post this morning that arrived via email from Lateral Action, written by Mark McGuinness. I think all his posts are well written with useful information.

Notice the image above – superheroes that are LEGO® blocks. My first thought was, there’s no female. Where’s my superheroine? But I won’t go down that road. Photo credit: Julian Fong.

The blog begins:


The author continues: When you think of the creativity, talent and energy in every human being, and what we achieve on the occasions when we’re working at full stretch, it’s almost scary to consider what we could do if we didn’t keep shying away from doing our great work. There’s a link to an interview with Michael Bumngay Stanier who says:


In terms of writing my blog, and getting it posted on schedule, it’s not about getting ideas for content. It’s about collecting too many ideas, wallowing in too many choices, and getting stuck on how to edit out the extras and non-essentials.

I’m a collage artist. I say collage is all about possibilities. I also know that too many possibilities can lead to procrastination.

For example: I want to post a questionnaire about how we choose a creative experience. I want to ask and collect information on what type of art making and what type of collage workshop appeals to you.

I still have to write the questionnaire blog and will post it soon because I really want to collect that information.

I want to write about a 4-day symposium I just attended in Boston titled International Opportunities for Artists: The Interconnected World, sponsored by the Trans Cultural Exchange.

I attended the symposium to learn about new (and missed) opportunities for artists who want to participate in residencies. Most of the presentations were focused on opportunities for young artists, and for artists who work in media currently favored by the Academy. I didn’t see much about collage media. I will write about it. Soon.

I’m not procrastinating. I’m writing about procrastinating.

The 3 REASONS YOU PROCRASTINATE according to Mark McGuinness:

1 – YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO because there are so many choices. How do you narrow down the possibilities? How do you avoid expanding your choices? Where do you begin? Mark McGuinness says: let your curiosity be your guide. Follow your instincts and let it ignite your enthusiasm and that will get you started and focus your direction. Focus is the key ingredient.

2 – YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT. According to Mark McGuinness, the best way to start is to follow your curiosity – learn about what interests and inspires you, and explore and pattern yourself after people who can be your mentors. He adds: find people who have done things similar to what you dream of achieving so you can see how they did it and how your can emulate their success.

3 – RESISTANCE.  The author says overcome it and acknowledge you set up your own obstacles. Ask yourself why you aren’t getting to the goals you set. See his blog 7 Ways to Smash Procrastination. He adds one more:


I like the idea that enthusiasm melts resistance. I was inspired to write at once.

What are you enthusiastic about?

I procrastinate because I am enthusiastic about too many ideas. I want all the goodies.

I wanted to find an image with eye-alluring, mouth-watering sweets, and found an image of 3 frosted cupcakes online (photo: the Internet).

The goodies were real. Crave Cupcakes, a bakery in Houston, TX was selling the sweets and asked people to pick their favorite cupcakes from 3 new flavors: Dulce de Leche, Italian Cream and German Chocolate. The German Chocolate lost the competition. Some people just didn’t like coconut. Here are the best comments from the contest: YUM, icing rules, could eat the icing like candy all day long.


I hope you think ART OF COLLAGE is filled with goodies too, and think the post about PROCRASTINATION was useful information.

I would like to hear how it helped you. Please add your comments below.

The superheroine (above) is an action figure (image: the Internet).

Thanks for your time and your comments.

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