Zoom: the Society of Layerists in Multi Media

I always attend Zoom meetings on Tuesday with members of the Society of Layerists in Multi Media (SLMM). I call the meeting SLMM KS because I know some of the members are from Hays, KS. SLMM, is a national organization founded in Albuqueque, NM more than 30 years ago by Mary Carroll Nelson.  The Tuesday Zoom group includes artists who live in KS, NC, NM, WY, CA, TX, OH, MO, and me in NY. I was invited to join and the group membership may grow. Before COVID, we met at national meetings each year in different cities across the U.S. The last meeting I attended in 2019 was in Tacoma, WA, an amazing trip because I got to see glass works by Dale Chihuly, participated in a SLMM juried show at Museum Contempo in Olympia, WA and connected with old and new members in a multi-day session.

We share images on the SLMM Facebook site, discuss our art, media, technique, books and poetry. What I like best is, I get to hear from artists who are accomplished and serious, live throughout the United States, and are able to create art from a holistic perspective (the SLMM Premise). Read about the SLMM Premise.

SLMM has a web gallery, and the current show is titled SMALL TREASURES. Images below are by some members who attend the Tuesday SLMM KS Zoom meeting.

Barbara Jo Converse Stevens (Jo) says every day is a treasure. Her acrylic painting (above) is 18×18 inches, and titled Safe Harbor. 

Kathleen Kuchar’s 10×8 inch collage (above) is titled Art Talk and shows two chairs face to face. She says it’s a small treasure to have a good conversation with a friend.

Terri MacDonald says she walks and finds things along the way – and is always amazed how they all fit together like our lives do. The work (above) is titled Pieces of Dreams, 13×13 inches, mixed media (3D).

Cal Mahin shared his 3.5 x 5 inch collage he titled Train Wreck (above).

My image (above) is a 9×8 inch collage painting on paper titled MOUTH. Many of my abstract collages show faces. This one has a green mouth that is the color of forsythia that bloom in early spring. 

Georgia Mason’s 7×7 inch acrylic painting (above) is titled The Beginning. She wrote: It was the beginning of her “wild garden” series.

Jean Warren’s 15×22 inch watercolor collage (above), titled Wings includes the poem: Come to the edge/So you can fly/Torn pieces giving wings.

CARLA DUNCAN used the shibori felting process in her work titled LICHEN’ Rocks (above), 10.5×13.5 inches, Merino wool roving and rocks. This work includes tiny pebbles.

There are many more images at the SLMM web gallery to see. Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Zoom: the Society of Layerists in Multi Media

  1. Hi Nikkal
    I am an artist living in Antigua, Guatemala and am trying to connect with Mary Carroll Nelson. I believe that years ago she lived in a house near me! I am researching her and her possible friend an artist, Robert Hooton who may have owned the house prior to Mary…. This all in the 40s or 50s . He too an Albuquerque artist years past. This all for a book on an American collector in Antigua, Mrs. Mildred Palmer.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Carlotta Boettcher

      1. See the SLMM site. Mary Carroll Nelson recently passed away. She was a treasure and we miss her so much.

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