The #USPSArtProject at Greenly Art Space

I created four collages with the artist Bascove for the #USPSArtProject, and the fourth collage is now on site at the Greenly Art Space in Signal Hill, CA. The other collaborations with Bascove were shown at #USPSArtProjects exhibits in Pelham, NY, New Haven, CT, Philadelphia, PA and Dallas, TX. On April 24, the Greenly Art Space hosted a virtual Zoom reception for the exhibition in CA (April 24, 2021, extended to July 3, 2021) with more than 100 works of art created by pairs of artists who chose to work together, mail works in progress back and forth to each other, and through their participation, support the United States Postal Service. Visit the #USPSArtProject

The Greenly Art Space Zoom reception was sold-out, and included opening remarks by Kimberly Hocking, director and curator of the Greenly Art Space and Christina Massey, a New York-based artist, who organized the #USPSArtProject (she started the project in April 2020). 

The image above shows a huge pile of boxes received from artists who collaborated for this project.

I captured the image (above) at the beginning of the Zoom reception Saturday, April 24th. Kimberly Hocking mentioned her husband David Hocking was responsible for unpacking and installing the show, and said it took 7-8 days, 4 to 5 hours each day to unpack, organize and install over 100 pieces of art – 3 days just to hang the show. This #USPSArtProject installation at Greenly Art Space was one of the best I’ve seen, probably because the show included some really amazing collaborative art works.  See the works at the Greenly Art Space store

Bascove and I created 4 different collages for the #USPSArtProject. I never worried about how Bascove would add to my collage, and she never worried about how I would add to her collage. We love each other’s work and respect each other so we never doubted that we would collaborate well together. I started 2 collages that she finished. She started 2 collages that I finished. The 4thcollaboration is the work in the show now at the Greenly Art Space.

The image above shows my original collage that became TYPE-O with additions by Bascove (see below). This work is made with cut magazine papers glued to a 12×12 inch wood panel.

Bascove told me the most important element in my collage was the one way sign with an arrow.  It’s pointing to the strip with the letters TO printed in red. To the right of that strip is an aerial view of rows of parked cars. This collage juxtaposes urban images like the streets I see on my way to my Media Loft studio in New Rochelle, NY.

Bascove and I had a great conversation about the meaning of ONE WAY. 

When It was my turn to speak at the Greenly Art Space reception, I added a longish personal story about what I think influenced this work, saying: it’s all about my frustration currently with road construction, barriers, and metal plates on the route to my studio. The ONE WAY sign with an arrow pointing right is telling me I might think I’m going one way, then find a barrier, and am forced to go in another direction. All the roads seem to be blocked roads with detours and temporary metal plates that are opened each day as a gas line is installed. I hear the construction will continue for another year. Who says we don’t create art that reflects our lives and emotions?

The image above shows the final version of the collage, now titled TYPE-0 by @bascove who told me she responded to the words One Way in my collage, and decided immediately to superimpose letters on top (hear her comments on the YouTube video). The collaborative work became a collage about letters. Bascove loves letters and her letters explode here in a fabulous riot of centrifugal, dynamic energy.  All Bascove’s works express energy. Type-O is 12×12 inches, collage with papers on panel, 2021. 

Several pairs of artists were invited to speak about their works at the Greenly Art Space. The video starts with a warm introductory welcome by Kimberly Hocking, followed by Greenly Art Space board members, and includes comments by Christina Massey, talking about the USPSArtProject. Several artists were invited to speak at the reception, including Bascove and me. I started to speak about 25.45 minutes into the video. Bascove followed.  

Here are 3 more collaborative works by artists who spoke at the Greenly Art Space reception. You can see them speak on the YouTube video.

7 PM Cheer is the title of the work (above) by @jgcrimmons and @cmassetart.

COalesce is the title of the work (above) by @park.sui and @stephanie_metz_sculpture.

The Eyes Have It is the title of the work (above) by @serenmorey and @carriskoczek.

See the #USPSArtProject site on Instagram. Follow me @nancynikkal_artist. Your comments are welcome. Let me know if you participated in the #USPSArtProject and the galleries that hosted the exhibitions with your work.


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  1. Love that post, the collaboration, the end results, and raising awareness for USPS! Congratulations!

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