Collaborative Art Projects

This post is about the Society of Layerists in Multi Media (SLMM) and members who participated in collaborative art projects in 2021 and 2022. See the vibrant images at the Special Projects page at the SLMM website. SLMM was founded in 1982 by Mary Carroll Nelson in Albuquerque, NM. Our 40th anniversary exhibition this year (a slide show) will become a chat book. Read about the history of SLMM and the Layerist Premise, the foundation of membership. 

I’ve also included links to an ATC (artist trading card) exchange project. See below for how the project was organized. 

The 2021 Fall Collaboration Project: Face to Face

SLMM organized Face to Face: Connecting through Collaborations in the fall of 2021. The image above shows 2 images, one by me (on the left) and one by Kari Schulz (on the right). My work is an 8×10 inch panel collage with papers, fabric, wire, metal and acrylic.  Kari’s work is titled City Vibes, is 16×12 inches on canvas and includes papers, wire, fabric and metal. I sent Kari painted papers, metal and wire. She sent me fabric, papers, wire and metal. We each used some of our own media as well as shared media. Kari lives in Hays, KS and collects metal when she walks. Do you notice the coiled wire and metal in my work – all there because Kari sent me stuff.

Face to Face includes 16 amazing images – 15 with artist pairs, and one final image that shows works by 3 artists who shared media. See all the images here.

The 2022 Spring Collaboration Project:

Here is a link to see all 37 works in the 2022 Spring Collaboration project. The images below show individual artists who shared media with a single artist, and 2 images by artists who shared with more than one other artist.

Ann Bellinger Hartley
Catherine Keebler

Ann Bellinger Hartley and Catherine Keebler were paired as partners and shared media. Ann’s work is titled Sunday Comics, and is created with mixed media, paper, stitching and fabric. Catherine’s work is titled The Puzzle. She said “The papers Ann sent were all wonderful. It took me several weeks before I could cut them into different shapes and then put them back together in a different configuration. The circles really help the piece.”


Shirley Eley Nachtrieb

The image above shows 2 concertina books Shirley Eley Nachtrieb created with media she received from Georgia Mason

Georgia Mason

The image above is an untitled work by Georgia Mason she created with shared media from Shirley Eley Nachtrieb.

Lynn Mikami

The image above is by Lynn Mikami titled “Pablo Contemplating Perfection” and was created in collaboration with Jean Warren. 

Jean Warren

The image above is by Jean Warren and titled In Concert #1, created in collaboration with Lynn Mikami.

Cal Mahin

Cal Mahin collaborated with 4 different artists. The image above shows 3 works he created with shared media from Herlinda Giandalia. All the works are 10×10 inches. Cal gave them the following titles: Table Dancer, We Did It, and Wong and Friend.

Barbara Jo Converse Stevens

Barbara Jo Converse Stevens collaborated with 5 artists. The image above shows 3 works she created with shared media with Terri MacDonald, Nancy Nikkal and Mary Kottman.

How SLMM organized the Collaboration projects:

A subgroup of SLMM artists who meet on Zoom on Tuesday agreed to participate in the collaborative projects and have our names selected randomly as pairs. Participation was expanded to the national membership beyond the artists who attend the Tuesday Zoom meetings. We agreed to be notified by email and reach out to our partner in the project. We decided how we would share media. We agreed there were no limits to the media we sent each other, the media we used, or the size of the work we created. In addition to the paired groups, several SLMM artists contacted each other independently and created additional collaborative works so the original number of paired artists grew. Many SLMM members said participation in the collaboration projects energized our art and, in the process, we also got to know each other better. 

40th anniversary project

See the online 40th Anniversary exhibition titled Reconnecting: 1982-2022 here. All current and former SLMM members were invited to join the commemorative project and submit an image. The exhibition represents our reconnecting to our past as well as to each other. We celebrate that!

2022: The ATC (Artist Trading Cards) Project: 

Link here to see ATC (Artist Trading Card) images in the project Judie Bordic organized for the membership. She explained the range of media we could use, how the paper substrate was a set size – 3.5 x 2.5 inches, and how the exchanges would work. 30 artists agreed to participate and create 9 small ATCs for the exchange. We mailed the ATCs to Judie in protective plastic sleeves. She selected and mailed 9 different works back to us. We agreed to cover her mailing costs. We agreed to take photos of the ATCs so we could have an ATC online exhibition. Judie expanded the group that traded ATCs so there was more than one group that traded 9 ATCs – and the ATC project will be repeated next year. 

See all the Special Projects here.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comments. Do you trade ATCs? Do you participate in group projects and create art with shared media? Please let me know.

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